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We are a team of professionals who create interior design projects all over Poland. After years of working together we have decided the time was right to focus on commercial projects and start to design hotels and office spaces. As interior designers we have great experience working with Clients and we know that our work is not confined to creating a space design – we need to fully understand it. Thanks to that we can guarantee a cooperation process that will be satisfactory for the Client and will produce an excellent result. Proper communication and getting an in-depth understanding of the design concept is the top priority for us.
Thanks to our enormous commitment we are able to identify the Client’s needs and come up with a concept that will be finally realized. We are determined to build good relations with the Client and contribute to their unique image that will distinguish them from the competition. We treat each hotel interior design individually and with utmost care, so that it can receive a five-star evaluation. Interior design is our passion, and our most important mission is to create spaces in which your guests will feel very comfortable and will certainly want to come back.

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Each hotel or hotel chain should have some individual, unique, distinguishing features. The style and character of a hotel interior should reflect the brand image, be practical and functional from the point of view of the whole staff and most importantly, it should meet your guests’ highest expectations. That is why designing a hotel interior is a very complicated process that requires a lot of experience. We go to great lengths to give each design a unique character and at the same time make it practical. Thanks to our experience and knowledge we can deliver excellent task performance.
Regardless of whether you need a design for a big hotel or a small hostel, we are perfectly prepared to meet all expectations. We will analyze the profile of your guests and choose a space arrangement that will be ideal for them. We know how to combine functionality with quality and an original form.We know how to introduce practical solutions even in small spaces and how to create rooms that your clients need. If you would like to thoroughly alter your hotel’s interior, we are the ones to cooperate with. If you are thinking about some minor changes that will give your rooms, lobby or restaurant a new, more modern or more cozy appearance, we are ready to propose original solutions.

A comprehensive interior design project includes:

  • Functional design, shown in a 2D projection
  • Conceptual design completed with photorealistic visualisations
  • Full technical documentation along with guidelines for newly designed installations, developed on the basis of materials provided by the Investor
  • List of materials and technical specifications

In addition, we make model room designs and mock-ups. We work in the AutoCad programme, which enables smooth coordination and exchange of information with other industries working on a given design.


The modernisation of the Rycerski Hotel in Szczecin

The modernisation design of the Rycerski Hotel in Szczecin included a complete metamorphosis of the internal space of the existing hotel. The modernisation was a great challenge and a fantastic design adventure that took us into the beautiful industrial world of architecture, based on timeless materials such as brick or wood. With our work, we wanted to create a unique space that would invite current and future guests to frequent visits. Except for the aesthetic aspects, the new function, ergonomics and the leitmotif of the hotel played an extremely important role in the design, which will make the users discover the beautiful colours of the highest quality design hidden in the “melodies” that appeared on the individual walls of the building.

The renovation involved a metamorphosis of 33 rooms, a lobby with a reception desk, a conference room, a restaurant and all accompanying rooms. A new element will be a fitness room enriched with a sauna, which will complement the current rich offer of the hotel.

We would like to cordially invite you to visit the newly modernised hotel. The location in the inner centre of Szczecin makes it very convenient to sightsee in the city.

Design: autumn 2022
Completion: summer 2023

The modernisation of the Kopernik Hotel in Toruń

The metamorphosis of the Kopernik Hotel in Toruń is a breakthrough in the traditional approach to design. We had the pleasure of designing a new restaurant, conference room and common space on level -1 of the above-mentioned hotel.

An expressive touch of colours make the space we enter stimulate us with positive energy and put a smile on our face at times. When working on the design, we used unusual solutions that give the designed surface an original and interesting look. Subtle, sometimes humorous references to the patron of the city – Nicolaus Copernicus constitute only a delicate accent of the entire design. They are the cherry on top that complements the whole idea of the metamorphosis.

The biggest design challenge was the restaurant, which will delight with its multifunctionality. The design was composed of a traditional space for eating meals, and the possibility of organising a wedding or a conference.

We would like to cordially invite you to visit the space we designed and Toruń, not only because of delicious gingerbread 😊

Design: autumn 2022
Completion: autumn 2023

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